Fitting New Kitchen Worktops in York, Tadcaster and Yorkshire

Homeowners in the York and Tadcaster area can benefit from our custom-made kitchen worktops, which combine practical designs with attractive aesthetics. The joiners at Kitchen Revive create bespoke counters for any purpose kitchen, crafted from a variety of premium grade materials. Customers can choose the style of kitchen refurbishments they want, which range from solid wood, laminate and granite surfaces.


We’ll even match new kitchen worktops with replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts, as part of complete kitchen renovations.



Types of Kitchen Worktops


Depending on your favoured décor, kitchen worktops are designed, produced and expertly fitted in 3 different types of materials. Each option affords kitchen renovations with a highly durable, stain-resistant surface for preparing food and limiting general wear and tear.


The materials used by our skilled joiners for kitchen refurbishments in York, Tadcaster and local Yorkshire areas include the following:


  • WOOD – Natural kitchen worktops, like solid wood, are perfect for achieving a traditional or contemporary style. Treated wood is hardwearing and can easily be maintained with regular oiling techniques
  • LAMINATE – These surfaces are cost-effective alternatives to timber, whilst mimicking the natural appearance. We fit laminate kitchen renovations in a fast and efficient manner, which are available in glossy and matte finishes
  • GRANITE – This is a luxurious material for York and Tadcaster customers to choose. The volcanic formation of the stone offers different patterns, which adds a unique charm to kitchen refurbishments. We install granite kitchen worktops in smooth and polished finishes or with rougher textures. Granite is the ideal choice for a chic and contemporary look

Fitted Kitchen Worktops


During the consultation stage, we take accurate measurements and discuss the materials you prefer, including thicknesses, finishes and joints. Any additional features such as sinks, taps, hobs and cookers are easily incorporated into the design. We are confident that the bespoke interiors we create will suit any budget. Due to the tailored kitchen refurbishments we manage on behalf of York and Tadcaster customers, they can rely on precision-made kitchen worktops to fit rooms of any shape or size.


Homeowners in Yorkshire can expect the following from our bespoke kitchen refurbishments:


• A qualified and friendly team carries out site visits at York or Tadcaster homes

• A project manager organises the design and fitting process for kitchen renovations

• We provide samples of the different types of surfaces for kitchen worktops

• A 12-month company guarantee covers all installations for kitchen refurbishments

• Yorkshire customers benefit from 5-year product warranties for any replacements


To get a free quote for kitchen worktops as part of affordable kitchen renovations in York, Tadcaster and Yorkshire, call 01904 633 366 or 07817 668 146.

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